Our Animals

Many of the animals that live at Stump Hill Farm have touching stories. Here are just a few of them!

Sleeping Bear Cubs

Zelda the Bald Eagle

Emmet the Capuchin

Fennec Fox

Many of our birds are free to roam the farm.

Kendra the Wolf is a SWEETHEART!!

Meet Tootie!Chimpanzee at Stumb Hill Farm

He is a 26 year old, male African Chimpanzee. In Tootie’s early years he was a star! He appeared in a made for TV movie called “Flight to Freedom”! But after his acting career, his luck took a turn for the worse. Having had his teeth pulled by a fearful trainer he was purchased for a breeder by a private owner. So Tootie spent years

confined with a not so friendly female that still had all her teeth (He still has bite scars on his back). Their cage was way too small and not properly maintained. Life was pretty bad. And then… a few years went by and Tootie never produced any babies, which made him out to be a really bad investment from a financial point of view. So Tootie went up for bid. To a test lab!!

$10,000….Ten Thousand Dollars and the rest of Tootie’s life would have been left up to someone’s dark imagination. Just in time, Cyndi Huntsman, Owner and operator of Stump Hill caught wind of Tootie’s situation. It was December of 1995. Everyone was cold and no one was rich. But where there is a will there is a way! The Huntsman family discussed and agreed. The Christmas presents were returned, the feed supplier agreed to help through the winter, and Cyndi sold her car. It was final, Stump Hill Farm’s newest resident
was Tootie! Now came the hard part… The road to Tootie’s recovery has been long and bumpy. Chimps have
complex personalities and deep emotions. Tootie suffered from agoraphobia (the fear of wide open places). He also had other nervous habits like tooting his lips together when new people were around. As the years have went by, Tootie has slowly been worked into larger and larger housing. He now even enjoys access to an outdoor play area. At night he still shuts his outside door and his inside cage door when he goes to sleep. I guess old habits die hard even for primates. I’ve been lucky to watch Tootie’s personality open up and bloom over the years. We received word not long ago that all the other chimps that were with Tootie earlier on are now dead. Tootie watches his fish swim in its aquarium as he eats his breakfast. Also, Big Thanks to Massillon Cable for their donation to Tootie’s enrichment program – a TV!  He loves dirt bike races and kid shows. And yes, he gets mad if you change the channel when he is watching something. Tootie’s life now consists of grooming his favorite people-always with hugs and kisses, watching TV as he lays on clean blankets or eating popsicles in the shade as he watches the people busy around him at the days work. Tootie really is the king of his hill. Stump Hill that is. Thanks for taking the time to share Tootie’s story, hope you enjoyed it,

Rocky the Cougar

Dandylion the African Lion


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