Open House 2012

Open House September 15th


$5 a person age 2 and over.

  • Pony rides for 40lbs and under $3 each!
  • We will have Hotdogs-pop-water-chips priced at .50-$1 each!
  • An entire gift shop of goodies (including brand new tshirts) all items .25-$10 each!
  • FOOD CUPS TO FEED THE ANIMALS .50 each! 50/50 raffle is $1 ticket or arms length for $10!

    Guests enjoying the sights and sounds of our animals.

Buy a shirt and help support us!

Awesome animals around every corner!

Our Gift Shop has all your favorites!

Volunteers are on-hand throughout the farm to allow you interactive experiences with some of our animals. Isn’t this little baby gator CUTE?

Feed cups can be purchased at the entrance.

Our cafe has snacks, cold drinks, hot dogs and places to relax and still see our animals.


2 thoughts on “Open House 2012

  1. marcy smith

    Thank you again.yesterday was my son’s birthday and the man that was there let him pet and feed the donkey and a camel ,goats.It ment a lot to him!!! So thank you again.

  2. Ann Sullivan

    Sosuper excited to come up sunday and show support! I absolutely love animals and what your doing is amazing!! See you sunday really looking forward to it

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