Terms of Use

By accessing any website owned and maintained by Stump Hill Farm and joining or participating in any Facebook group or page owned/administrated by Stump Hill Farm, you have agreed to abide by these terms.

Intellectual property rights
The texts, drawings, photos, films, images, data, trade names, domain names, brands, logos and other components of this site are protected by intellectual property rights and belong to their respective owners, Stump Hill Farm, or other parties (see individual image notations for more details). Information provided on or via this website may not be stored (except as necessary for viewing the website), reproduced, modified, made public, distributed or transmitted, sold, or otherwise conveyed to a third party without the prior written permission of , nor may any rights in this regard be granted to a third party without such permission.
Prohibited use of the website/ facebook groups.
You agree, among other things:
Not to make unlawful use of the information
Not to use the website in a manner that causes the website to become damaged, corrupted, interrupted or inaccessible, blocked, or otherwise less effective.
Not to use the website for transmission or posting of computer viruses, or for transmission or posting of illegal or unlawful material or material that is in any way unsuitable (including but not limited to material of a slanderous, libellous, obscene or threatening nature)
Not to use the website in a manner that causes a violation of the rights of any natural person, legal person or association, including but not exclusively limited to the rights to privacy and intellectual property
Not to use the website for posting or transmission of material for promotional or publicity purposes without requesting the prior permission of Stump Hill Farm for such posting or transmission, except if such posting or transmission has been requested by the recipient.

Personal data
Stump Hill Farm does not collect any personal data unless it is provided on a voluntary basis. By completing and submitting a participation form or sending an e-mail message, the visitor grants permission to store his or her personal data in a database of Stump Hill Farm.com for the purposes of automated user profiling, customer management, market research, and postal direct mail activities.
We respect your privacy at StumpHillFarm.com. We won’t share any of your details with anybody else.

Automatically collected non-personal information
StumpHillFarm.com can collect anonymous or aggregated data of a non-personal nature, such as your browser type or IP address, the operating system that you use, the domain name of the website via which you arrived at Stump Hill Farm website, and the domain name of the website you went to on leaving StumpHillFarm.com website.

So-called ‘cookies’ can be placed automatically on the hard disk of your computer while you are visiting the site. This data helps us tune the website to match the desires and preferences of its visitors. Most web browsers allow you to delete cookies from your hard disk, refuse to accept cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is installed. Consult the instructions or online help for your Internet browser for additional details. If you have agreed to the use of cookies during a particular visit to the site, those cookies may possibly be used again during subsequent connections to the site.

Information on the website
The information provided in or via this website may contain a wide variety of imperfections. Stump Hill Farm does not accept responsibility for the suitability, reliability, timeliness or accuracy of this information. The information is provided and reproduced without any form of guarantee whatsoever. Stump Hill Farm also cannot be held liable for any viruses that may be present on the site despite precautionary measures that have been taken, and it refuses to accept any liability for any form of loss or damage that can be caused by such viruses. Stump Hill Farm expressly reserves the right to alter the information on the site at any point in time.

Links to other websites
This website may contain hyperlinks to websites or web pages of third parties or other parties, or it may refer to such sites or pages in another manner. Stump Hill Farm has no say over the content or other features of those websites or web pages and is in no case liable for their content or features. Placement of links by Stump Hill Farm does not in any way constitute implicit approval of the content of such websites or web pages.

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